MT is the ultimate in scientific nutrition.

Every single person on this planet has their own unique biochemistry and dietary requirements. The ancient Greeks knew that one person's sustenance is another person's poison. MT has been proving this scientifically with clinical research for several decades now.

MT takes the guess work out of what to eat by analyzing the system that dominates how your body converts food into energy. Metabolic Typing's Advanced Program with a Certified Adviser (such as me) analyzes four fundamental homeostatic controls that determine what your metabolic type is (Blood Type is one of them).

You will be given your questionnaire results and documents, telling you what your Metabolic Type is, as well as supplement and lifestyle recommendations. You'll also be given a list of foods that are ideal for you to eat as well as those that should be avoided. The list allows for flexibility. Some of your favorite foods might already be on the list.
As a Certified Metabolic Typing (MT) Adviser, I will tell you exactly what foods to eat. I take the guess work out of nutrition for you. MT is a personalized nutrition plan.

As your MT Adviser, I also offer the services of coming to your house and examining your kitchen cabinets and clearing from them those foods that are toxic to your (and your family's) health.

Food is supposed to heal you and keep you rock steady energetically throughout the day. If that's not what you're experiencing after you eat, then you aren't eating the right foods.

I will also take you food shopping and buy those foods which are ideal for your Metabolic Type. Fear not! As mentioned above, some of your favorite foods may be on your beneficial-to-eat list.

Even if you're located far from me, I can still advise you by phone, email and I'm only a short plane ride away!

I have helped numerous clients, friends and family members resurrect their lives through metabolic typing. If you are feeling sluggish and are committed to changing the way you eat without the burden of counting calories contact me now to achieve optimum wellness.

Remember: the first three letters in the word "DIET" is "DIE". If you are on a diet, you are dieing. Going more than a few hours without eating is terrible for your metabolism. I will tell you simple ways to eat often throughout the day even if you don't think you have time.

Don't ever be fooled again by one-size-fits-all diets.

Try Metabolic Typing now!

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